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Performance tracking software for Gyms & Studios that go the extra mile with members

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Trusted by over fifty gyms, PTs and studios

Tona Gym is our software package designed specifically for use in gyms and studios. Encourage and embolden your members with technology that connects long after opening hours. Explore Tona Gym features.

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Live leaderboards on your gym wall and in your member's pockets

Competition has been proven to improve commitment to fitness goals. Meaning higher attendance, better community and greater retention rates for your gym

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Workout of the day for members to try

Create and post an unlimited number of workouts plans for users to follow in their own time.

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Unprecedented gym usage insights

See in precise detail what times, exercises, equipment, muscle groups and disciplines are most popular at your gym. Giving you the evidence you need to expand and improve.

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One to one coaching and analysis

Review individuals heart rate zones, form, preferences, biometrics and much, much more. Allowing you to tailor your personal training and group classes to suit.

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No equipment overheads or setup costs

Tona gym doesn't require any new hardware, no new equipment for you or your members. Instead we utilize technology existing in smartphones and smartwatches to accurately record workouts. Set up is as easy a casting your device to a monitor.

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Tona Gym gives you the edge

Advanced fitness technology for gyms. Get in touch for a free trial

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