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Tona digitises and gamifies your members' gym experience, improving retention rates and customer engagement. Motivate and grow your community with technology that connects long after opening hours.
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Introducing GYM TV

Class stats on your gym wall. LIVE.

Gamify your class experience and boost engagement,

Show heartrate, percentage of max heart rate and calories burned. All Live.

Connects to your members own heartrate devices, starting with Apple watch.




Class booking, registration & member management

Class booking through your our easy to use app.

Check in via the app, web or our front desk ipad solutions.

Apply and edit users memberships.

We are building the world's best gym community

“Great for fitness tracking & competition”


“Love this app!”


“First time I like a gym app!”


“Best fitness app out there!



Progressive gym technology

No more logbooks

No workout cards needed. Members can follow programs on their phone with our free app.

Super simplistic navigation makes logging exercises as simple as a couple of taps.

For Apple watch owners, pull calories, heart rate and more.

Inspire your members

Create and share custom workouts

Build custom training plans for every level and discipline.

Keep members returning for more with unique workouts of the day.



Build a community

Keep members engaged 24/7

Let your members become your biggest promoters with shareable workouts.

Social features that keep your members engaged long after they’ve left the studio.

Offer the personal touch with direct communication with clients.

Keep members striving for better

Leaderboards for every level

Every exercise tracked can be added to your gym's own customisable leaderboards.

Display them on your gym walls or on your users apps.

Smart filters allow every user, no matter what age, fitness level or experience to compete against themselves or similar users.


Retain engaged users

Competition has been scientifically proven to make gym users exercise more.

2016 University of Pennsylvania Study


Keep retention high

Track gym usage and member preferences

Detect and engage users who are likely to churn with advanced stats.

Accurate biometrics tracked for every user allowing for targeted personal training.

Track equipment usage and exercise type popularity.

No setup

Best of all, no expensive hardware

Tona records all this through a free to download app on your members' phones, so all your gym requires is a monitor with internet connection.

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