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What is Tona?

Tona is a new multi discipline workout app. We let our users record their workouts, track their progress and compete with the world. Our mission is to create the world’s largest and
 most effective gym community.
Record. Connect. Compete. Repeat.

What do we do?

We make apps that make it easier than ever before to record your workouts and gym progress. With all this aggregated data we can provide users with millions of leaderboards for every level. Encouraging our users to exercise more by up to 90% and reducing member churn for our gym partners.

In numbers

Up to 90%

How much competition increases gym attendance.


Gyms demoing our install gym solution.


Co-founders and a 7 strong development team.


Different exercise types on the Tona, and growing daily!


Different Leaderboards on Tona so space for everyone to win at something!


Users on the BETA app. Try it yourself here.

Who are we?

We are keen gym users, but also regular outdoor runners. And as avid consumers of running apps that allow you to track, share & compete with friends, we were frustrated that we couldn't find a similar experience for our gym workouts. So we decided to co-found Tona and build our own solution...

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